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5 Layering Tips for Cold Weather Skiing // Racysuits

Posted by Marina Barnes on
5 Layering Tips for Cold Weather Skiing // Racysuits

Racysuits Squad: HannahSarah, + Lindsay

Date: January 25, 2020 

Mountain: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming 

Average Temperature: 35° F + Ice Fog

Wind Chill: 10 mph wind 

Feels Like: 27° F

Skiing is all about layers. Those early mornings on the mountain can be freaking cold but by lunch, aka wine-o-clock, we’re feeling nice and toasty and the layers start to come off.

Ski season temperatures can range from -20° F in Canada to a high of 60° F for spring skiing in Aspen. No matter what the temperature is that day, we always find a way to layer with Racysuits.

Here are 5 layering tips so you can wear your Racysuit all season long!

1. Check the weather! Calling your mom for a weather report doesn’t count. Google the weather forecast for your ski destination + dates to see if you’ve won the perfect ski conditions for your trip! 

Ski lifts usually run from 9 AM to 4 PM so you need to check both the early morning temp and the high temp in the afternoon. Wait, you’re not done yet . . . check the wind chill. If you’re skiing in 30-degree weather with a 15 mph wind it will actually feel more like 20 degrees to your body. Check out this wind chill calculator to help you get your 'feels like' weather temp (click here). 

2. More is more. It’s important to add multiple layers so that you can take them off as you warm up. If you’re only wearing one really really warm layer, you can’t take it off. You'll be either too hot or too cold. Having many layers will help you regulate your comfort on the mountain throughout the day.  For cold weather skiing, we like to wear a thin layer under our Racysuit. Our 4way stretch ski suits give you extra room so you can fit layers under your suit! A pair of wool or polyester tights/leggings do the trick. UNIQLO Heattech collection is a great option for thin top and bottom base layers.

3. Wear your Racysuit - even when there’s hesitation because it looks too cold out. Your Racysuit is fully lined with a built-in thermal baselayer! That’s TWO additional layers of warmth. For cold ski days, it acts as the perfect Midlayer. It hugs you from head to toe and gives you that extra boost of confidence you need to get your booty on the mountain. It also makes getting dressed for cold ski days WAY MORE FUN. Why? Because you will look like a badass and everyone on the mountain will be jealous because you’re the babe in the tropical ski onesie. 

4. Your topcoat doesn’t have to be so big - we recommend adding a waterproof/windproof layer over your Racysuit on cold ski days but it doesn’t have to be a mega Michelin Man coat that weighs you down. Try something you can easily remove later in the day when you warm up. A shell layer is a lightweight coat, ski bib, or pant layer that can be folded up and put in your backpack when you are ready to disrobe for Aprés Ski in your Racysuit.  

5. Accessories we can’t live without aka game changers

    • Find a beanie that fits under your helmet. TIP: If you love a pom-pom hat, get one that has a detachable pom e.g Lindofur and shitthatiknit!
    • Look for neck gaiters or balaclavas that have some structure so it stays up on its own. Thin ones will slide down all day and drive you nuts. Backcountry has many options!
    • Two layers of gloves. We like to wear waterproof mittens with a thin glove underneath. TIP: get the thin layer with the iPhone touchpads on the fingertips so that you can take off your waterproof ski mittens and your hands won’t freeze while you change the song on your phone, take a picture on your phone, find your friends on your phone, etc. 
    • Finger/Toe warmer packs! Always always have a pair of these on hand. They have specific sets for your boots and your gloves so you can ride all day with your very own personal mini heaters.

Photos by Peter Lobozzo

Hannah riding in the Esther Ski Suit from the Racysuits CLASSIC BUNNY Collection.

Sarah rocking the Fay Ski Suit from the Racysuits CLASSIC BUNNY Collection WS19/20

 Lindsay skiing in the Carol Ski Suit from the Racysuits CLASSIC BUNNY Collection 

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