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"We don’t just ski the mountain, we life our best life on the mountain, re-connecting with our inner child-like enthusiasm for play. This wild mountain spirit will shine through for all to see."

circa 1980

Our Racysuit legacy begins in the early 1980s, when friendship, skiing, and a humble self taught seamstress came together to change the fashion of the Squaw Valley ski racing scene. Two fast friends and downhill ski racers, Bob Bernard and Norma Lausmann shared a love of snowy mountains, skis on their feet and wind in their faces and they weren’t afraid to show it. Unsatisfied with the ski suits available in the early 1980s, Norma began sewing custom downhill racing suits that defied tradition, bringing an audacious attitude and splash of color to the Squaw Valley racing scene. Norma and Bob both raced into their late 80s (Yes, Norma was down hill ski racing until the age of 86 #goals). Despite hip replacements and pacemakers they always showed up in Norma’s latest suit creations and usually ended the day at the top of the podium, taking home the Gold.

est 2016

It wasn't until Bob’s granddaughter, Marina Barnes, stumbled upon a box of his wild racing suits tucked away in a closet that the revival of Norma's ski suits began.

"I began pulling out the vintage suits for fun occasions with friends and I found that every time we wore the suits, we let ourselves play harder and more authentically. No holding back, no reservations, we let the wild child out and gave ourselves free expression to play- I believe it’s the reason why my Grandfather and Norma loved wearing the suits, too. It's a feeling we want everyone to experience." - Marina Barnes

Fast forward to today and Racysuits is fulfilling its mission to bring the same life and personality to the mountain that Norma and Bob did 30+ years ago. Today’s modern Racysuit combines the classic charm and legacy of Norma’s original patterns with modern technical upgrades and high performance materials to create the most fun and flattering ski suits on the mountain. By keeping production small and intimate with quality driven slow fashion ethics we are able to keep sourcing and producing local and support women owned and run manufacturing in the USA. Racysuits is far more than a fashion brand and we want every aspect of our company and product to reflect the values and legacy that inspired the modern Racysuit.

"I want this company to be your legacy, too. An article of clothing that brings you so much joy that it’s cherished for years, creating memories and fun that can be passed down for generations to come." -

To a future filled with love crusaders and mischief makers,