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Our Vintage Bodysuits

Live by the sun. Love by the Moon. The Vintage Racysuits collection is still a classic favorite. This black, yellow and pink ski suit design was originally worn by Norma Lausmann on the ski slopes. 30+ years later the full body spandex suit is in fantastic condition and Kate is rocking it in Oakland, CA. The fully lined spandex suit is like wearing a bodycon dress from head to toe. But with Spandex you're supporting all of your curves AND you're comfortable. You can see in the photos that the ski suit design has a shorter leg length with a slight flare at the bottom. The elastic band at the leg opening is designed to fit over your ski boot. We now offer two designs - the "wide leg" with the flared elastic band for skiing and the "skinny leg" with a zipper behind the leg. All of our suits can be made either way. #YourStyleYourChoice Kate in Vintage Racysuits by Brendan Chute in Oakland, CA.