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Circa 1980

In a decade exemplified by creative and futuristic fashion, the first Racysuits are born, appearing on the ski slopes of Northern California.

Norma Lausmann, an avid USSA Alpine Masters Ski Racer and seamstress starts hand sewing neon ski racing suits for herself and husband Joe. The eye catching designs were soon sought after by fellow ski racing friend Robert "Bob" Bernard. The adventurous trio surprised onlookers with their wild ski suits as they raced in Downhill and Slalom Masters Ski Races - often winning Gold, Silver and Bronze in their age class. Their truly adventurous friendship and zest for life had them racing around the world well into their 80's wearing psychedelic spandex ski suits.


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The ski suits took on a new life when grand-daughter to Bob Bernard, Marina Barnes, got her hands on the vintage suits and began wearing them everywhere she dubbed psychedelic spandex appropriate -- Coachella, Burning Man, The LOVE Parade, Ghost Ship and Daybreaker.


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Fast forward 30 years... Racysuits are back in production! Exploring more places than ever before - ski slopes, beaches, parties and festivals - all around the world.

From the ski slopes of Montreal and California to the beaches of Australia and Mexico, to parties in New York City and the Nevada desert, Racysuits are now all over the world!

Join our experiment to encourage uninhibited fun and uncensored self expression - when the love of fun can no longer be contained in the soul and must be worn on the skin!