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Bringing Back Grandpa's Ski Suits From The 80'

Posted by Marina Barnes on
Bringing Back Grandpa's Ski Suits From The 80'
Recently a friend texted me, 
“Last night I dreamt there was a Racysuits party and I came in my pajamas . . . and felt left out (insert crying emoji)”. 

My response to her, 

“One day we will live in a world where every day is a Racysuits party and pajamas don’t exist. So you’ll never feel left out!”. 
She is in luck because Racysuits has launched a new project that will bring more Racysuits to more people around the world! No more scary dreams about being the only one at the party in pajamas;) 

This new project is a month long crowdfunding KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN that is ready to take Racysuits to the next level! 

We reached over 70% of our crowdfunding goal in the first 24 hrs and we are ready to do whatever it takes to reach our goal. 

In the past year we have met the most amazing people from the ski slopes to the surf to the dance floor. This community is helping bring back the ultimate unitard, ready for all your crazy adventures and life experiences. 


  1. Check out the rewards on our Kickstarter Campaign! Maybe something will catch your eye! 
  2. Spread the word! Share this Facebook Video with your community! 
  3. Twitter more your style? Give us a retweet here! 

Kickstarter funding is allowing us to increase our production numbers and deliver our new line of suits!! After a year of testing, skiing, surfing, DJing and dancing we have taken feedback from our customers and improved the design of our suits! Adding zippers, pockets, improving the pattern and designing new prints. 

All funds will go directly into our production run, the more money we raise the more suits we can make, the more Racysuits parties there’ll be. 

So here is my request of you! Share the love . . . spread the word . . . shout your love for neon spandex from the rooftop. Let’s grow our community and get our friends and family into THE ULTIMATE UNITARD! 

Let’s do this!! 

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