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The Ski Week © The Ski Week

The Ski Week

“ Based on the custom ski suits worn by her grandfather in the 1980s, Marina has made it her mission to bring this style back to the snow. ”
Daybreaker © Daybreaker


“ DAYBREAKER NYC // Yellow Submarine 8.5.16 ”
The Aspen Times © The Aspen Times

The Aspen Times

“ Barnes brought her collection of psychedelic ski suits to town, which said grew wildly popular in a short amount of time. ”
Erica Robbie & Rose Anna Laudicina
Aspen Daily News © Aspen Daily News

Aspen Daily News

“ If you're really serious about a chic onesie though, maybe you should look into Racysuits, a re-emerginmg brand from the '80s that's baaaaaack. ” (page 12-13)
Susan Redstone
LA Weekly © LA Weekly

LA Weekly

“ Hoopurbia, a weeklong event [...] for hooping enthusiasts, which features classes, performances, competitions, flash mobs and things called 'hoop jams'. ”
Hso Hkam
Maker's Row © Maker's Row

Maker's Row

“ In 2009, Marina started wearing the bodysuits again at festivals and other events. The responses and reactions that she received convinced her that “there was something more” and [that] these have to get to more people. ”
Buzzfeed © Buzzfeed


“ Olympic Fans Who Deserve A Gold Fucking Medal ”
Gabriel H. Sanchez
Kickstarter © Kickstarter


“ The ultimate unitard based on the downhill ski racing suits worn by my grandfather in the 1980s. There's no other unitard like it! ”
Krowdfund © Krowdfund


“ It's been nearly three years since Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop' was released, but thanks to one new Kickstarter project we can continue looking incredible in clothes from fashion-forward grandpas. ”
Thomas Schroder


“ Freedom spotted at the Olympics ”
On The Dot Woman © On The Dot Woman

On The Dot Woman

“ The designs were such a hit with modern-day fashionistas and athletes that, before long, Marina turned the idea into a full-blown apparel biz, launching Racysuits—with only her personal savings and a successful Kickstarter campaign—more than 30 years after her grandfather started the trend. ”
Melinda Garvey