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Surf + Racysuits + Jess

Jess has taken Racysuits to the next level. Not only have our full body spandex suits raced down mountains but Jess recently hit Topanga Beach in LA to surf in THE JUNE RACYSUIT. > Jess admits “Oh man, I'm going to get so much crap in the lineup for wearing this! But it turned out everyone LOVED it! No joke. Including the dudes - they were genuinely into it and asking where I got it.” She had a blast rocking Racysuits in the California coastal waters and says that the two layers actually kept her a bit warm. At this time of year most surfers wear something a little thicker for warmth but in LA the temps never drop too low. The fully lined spandex/nylon Racysuits collection can be compared to a thin 2mm wetsuit working as both a rash guard and protecting you from the sun. > “All of the zippers are great, the thumb pieces are perfect for keeping the suit on, and it actually keeps you a bit warm!” - Jess Be on the lookout for updates from Surf.Climb.Jess as she is not one to sit still. Her adventurous lifestyle can be experienced through her beautiful photos on Instagram. Don’t miss her travels to Mexico, Malaysia, Cuba, Philippines, and Hawaii as she explores her two outdoor passions, climbing and surfing! Photos by surf photographer Kelly Bonsack.