skikini babe - Jacqueline

Introducing #Skikinibabe Jacqueline Weitz! That's me! I'm your Racysuits/Skikini intern and squad leader, Jacqueline Weitz. This past weekend I relaxed in style with my Skikini and it was awesome. Through my time at Racysuits, I've seen so many incredible adventures with the new Skikini, but sometimes you just need to relax by the pool with an inflatable swan. I chose to wear the The Skiweek Retro as a tribute to my time as a ski racer (and also in tribute to the new Game of Thrones season #winterishere) I've been having a blast wearing my Skikini and seeing so many cool stories about our squad. Keep up the adventure! - Jacqueline, Squad Leader of Skikini and Racysuits ** tag us in your #skikini adventures for a chance to be featured! **