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Racysuits + Daybreaker = L.O.V.E

We’re always looking for new adventures and fun places to rock Racysuits. Or at least somewhere where the people will appreciate our dedication to the neon spandex bodysuit. We found this happy place over 3 years ago at an event called Daybreaker - the wake up and dance movement that’s now gone global. This past Daybreaker event in New York was major special for us! We sent the entire Daybreaker crew Della Mae pineapple Racysuits! Of course they rocked them beyond our wildest dreams! The day starts at 5am when my alarm goes off and I try and remember why I’m up before dawn?? Light bulb! I jump out of bed, slip into my Racysuits unitard, throw on some dancing shoes and sneak out of my apartment. The Uber driver eyes me with curiosity as I climb in the back seat wearing head to toe neon spandex. But it’s too early for small talk so I rest my eyes while he takes me across town to Pier 40. I join a bunch of New Yorkers in brightly colored creative outfits and hop in line to board the Hudson Hornblower before it departs at 6:30am. >> AT DAYBREAKER, WE DANCE OUR FACES OFF BEFORE WORK AND FEEL GLORIOUSLY HEALTHY WHILE DOING SO. - Radha + Brimer The Daybreaker crew is easily spotted this morning in their matching Della Mae pineapple Racysuits. After a welcome hug from co-founder, Matthew Brimer, (PS. everyone gets a welcome hug!) I climb aboard to find the dance party has already started! DJ and Daybreaker co-founder Radha Agrawal and sister Miki Agrawal are also wearing the Della Mae pineapple suits! Their cardboard cut out companion, Hillary Clinton, would definitely score votes if she rocked the pineapple suit too! The dance party embarks on a journey to Ellis Island and back while a live horn band trumpets through the crowd and Patrick and the Swayzees rock the mic. May have been my favorite Daybreaker to date!! Photos courtesy of Daybreaker. More photos of Daybreaker 60s Yellow Submarine Event here.