Racysuits was recently introduced to an all women's contemporary dance theater company based in New York City. Michiyaya was co-founded in fall 2015 by Anya Clarke and Mitsuko Verdery. The serendipity that both of our companies are just turning a year old was reason enough to collaborate and celebrate! The result? A beautiful contemporary dance film that premiered last Friday on the Racysuits rooftop.

The Michiyaya Fundraiser was a huge success. The guests enjoyed spiced rum apple cider cocktails on a crisp September evening watching the sun set behind the New York skyline. The debut of the new Michiyaya contemporary film, Aural, went live after dark. Guests packed onto the deck to watch the new production. All of the dancers are wearing The Stella Racysuits unitard. Many thanks to everyone who came to the event on Friday to support Michiyaya and Racysuits!