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Adventures in Rio!

If you had a sibling competing in the Olympics you too would be cheering from the stands rocking Racysuits ‘Team USA’ unitards. Erol Kelter made sure he was representing his family and his country. His sister, Alev Kelter, played for the USA Rugby team making the exciting re-introduction of Rugby to the Olympic games even more exciting! Almost a century has passed since Rugby was an official sport of the Olympics with the last game being held in 1924 Olympics in Paris. The Racysuits Rio Man Squad made appearances at multiple games and olympic events! Easily spotted in the stands, they became a social media and tv sensation! BuzzFeed named them one of the 24 Top Olympic Fans. AND this awesome video created from a NBC live broadcast of the squad cheering on the USA Beach Volleyball Team!

Here's a roundup of moments from their incredible week at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games!

The Racysuits Rio Man Squad: Erol Kelter, Raphael Martinez, Jake Devlin, Colin Hendershot (Thanks boys!).