The Who, What & 'Wear' of Ski Racing Suits

Built for speed, not warmth, the Racysuit ski racing suit is made from a blend of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex.

The 4 way stretch fabric allows for a wide range of unrestricted movement. The skin tight ski racing suit is more aerodynamic than wearing layers of clothes and gives ski racers improved race times.

Downhill (DH) suits are worn for racing the speed events of Downhill and Super G. The ski racing suit is not padded and gives the skier more flexibility fitting a wider range of body shapes and sizes. Skiers can wear separate body armor for Slalom and Giant Slalom races. Racysuits makes DH suits with no padding. Skiers wearing a Racysuit will have to wear additional body armor for Slalom and Giant Slalom Races.

Racysuits fabric is a Poly/spandex blend like most ski racing suit companies however our suits are not FIS certified. FIS certified suits are made from lower aerodynamic porosity fabrics and are more expensive.

FIS specs for DH, SG and GS race suits is based on safety considerations and competitive equality. Suits can't be plastic and must have a minimum porosity to assist in slowing a fall.

There are several manufacturers that make FIS approved ski race suits including Spyder, Descente, Arctica Race, Karbon, Phenix, Energia Pura etc.

Unlike other ski racing suits, the Racysuit will look great on the ski slope and during an apres-ski party.

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