Spandex, From Head to Toe

A made to order Full Body Spandex Suit is an eye catching statement. Order a ski racing suit from New York City.

Well, not exactly. We don't want to cover your pretty face with spandex. The spandex bodysuit stops at the neck, wrists, and ankles. Only your head, feet and hands are showing. You can also unzip the front to show more of your chest. Although the suit covers most of the body it can still be quite revealing. The fully lined suit is body hugging supporting all of your curves and the 4 way stretch fabric allows for increased flexibility of movement. Trust us you will want to be dancing in this suit.

There are a number of events that call for a neon full body spandex suit.

Hosting a Bachelorette party? Get you and your friends in Racysuits and hit the town. You will get more attention than any Bachelorette party in the history of Bachelorette Parties. Buzzfeed's 25 Ways To Throw An Awesome Bachelorette Party lists "Wear Special Outfits To Stand Out" as #11.

Going to a music festival like Coachella? Wear your crop top and cut off shorts during the day and then slip into a Racysuits when the sun goes down. They pack nicely into a backpack and you will have a 2nd incredible outfit for the headlining shows.

Want to hit the bar after a day of skiing and which you could strip down into something more 'Après Party'. Wear your full body spandex suit as a layer under your snow clothes. It will provide extra warmth and you can strip down when you want to head indoors and party. Check out Ski Net for a list of top 10 nightlife/apres party ski resorts.

Spandex, From Head to Toe #1